Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I miss my daily bus journey! #MicroblogMondays

It was almost a year back that I had to take a tough decision of leaving my full-time job. The daily routine changed quite a bit, from hustle bustle to relaxed life. Though it has been quite a busy life afterwards too, and I kept myself busy with part time work. But yesterday, I went to my old office for the last time, at least can be considered, last for now! On the way back I realized, the most important aspect I am going to miss is my bus journeys!
So my first entry for the #MicroblogMondays is going to be about my bus journey and why would I miss them.  

Wondering why I missed my bus journey so much, I pondered deep inside and the best answer I could come up was, A bus is a place where people from different walks of life come together and share a journey. This sharing happens between unknown people, who may or may not have anything in common. Over the period some faces become familiar, some smiles are shared, some discussions get started, phone numbers and facebook profiles are exchanged. Some of them become friends, some just talk during the journey and bid good bye!

For me this bus journey is or rather was a therapy, to forget about my worries after seeing a cheerful face around or after seeing a sad face which reminds me of my sadness and motivates me to forget it. You learn so many things from just seeing the faces around you. 

I have always loved observing expressions and trying to interpret the underlying emotions; listening to conversations and trying to interpret the troubles or happiness of emotions! The bus journey provided me with an amazing opportunity to do so. It helped me unwind, relax and dive deep into my inner thought process. 

Now when I really think of it, I think a bus journey is like our life. We meet unknown people, with some of them we form relationships while others just disappear leaving no mark behind. Just like in life we are trying to achieve something, become someone, establish ourselves, same way in a bus we are trying to reach somewhere. Just like a bus journey, our life journey is also taking us somewhere, sometimes we know where or atleast we plan to reach somewhere, while at times, we change route during the journey. It is funny, how in life we share our lives and time with people around us and in bus we share our journey, our sorrows, our happiness, with quite unknown people travelling with us. 

In the end, I have learnt one thing, this journey of life is quite unpredictable, and we should not try to control it, rather just go with the flow and form bonds while en route to our ultimate destiny!

So you see, how a 1 and 1/2 hour bus journey provoked this post, which was hidden somewhere in me but I was unable to articulate it. Thanks to Melissa for starting this beautiful initiative of #MicroblogMondays and bringing me back to the world of blogging. 

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

I love hearing the positives of the commute vs. people complaining about the trip. It's nice to find worth in the journey and not just the arrival.