Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Change is the only thing constant"

We say change is constant and the person who accepts this fact and agrees with this does lead an easy life. But over this period i realized, change is something i have been always looking forward to. But I have always missed out on the journey to achieve that change. I have never bothered to live the change which I expected to happen. Its tough to explain in words, which I am going to try hard in this post. I am going to tell you a small story.

There was a girl, very ambitious and very hardworking. She would work hard and would make it sure she achieves what she wants to, and her hard work always used to pay. She did achieve what she wanted to. But one day she was sitting alone pondering on what has happened, what is going to happen. She realized, she has always been running from one stage to other, from one change to other. She never lived the changes she made in her life.
Its very true that we realize the preciousness of something when that is gone far from us. And that is how time always plays the games with us. We don't treasure what we own, but we always look up to what we want to own. And this does make the life tougher.
I believe everyone of us who is living to fulfill his or her ambitions is going through such emotions now or then. Everyone of us has that girl alive in them. But we rarely sit back and think about those feelings, or we rarely let those feelings grow in us. Those feelings which might help us live through the change, be constant with the change, and to realize the importance to PRESENT equivalent to the importance of FUTURE.

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