Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rendezvous with My Terrace

This is a rendezvous with my very dear friend, and my savior in solitude.
The one who hears me aloud, never breaks my trust, and has been there with me forever. But this is not a person instead a place which gives me freedom as much as I want, the span of a sky, the liveliness of the whole world, the chirpiness of the birds, the moonlit nights and the beautiful sun rises and the sun sets.

You must be wondering what is this, who is this and where is this.
This is my terrace, my beautiful and lovely terrace.

The place where I have had lovely childhood memories, which has been with me in my sorrows and my happiness; the part of my home which I treasure the most.
I remember the times when I was a kid, we used to play on the terrace. All the beautiful festivals were celebrated on the terrace be it Holi, Diwali, Baisakhi, Teej. Many kites were flown and caught. Many candles were relighted on a windy Diwali night. Many colour filled balloons were splashed colouring its beautiful walls more beautiful on Holi.
In the night as we used to sleep on the terrace under the open sky, looking at the beautiful sky, I learnt many lessons from my mother about the stars; getting a live practical learning which I can never forget.The early morning on the lovely terrace used to be more lovelier as the birds chirped, and the beautiful sun also woke up to wake me up.
Many times I revised my lessons and narrated it to the terrace aloud, prepared for my speeches to be given in the school, prepared for the acts I was taking part on the annual day of the school.

While sitting on the terrace,many times I got lost in the sky above me while holding a book in my hand. The clouds formed so many formations which I made stories with my imagination as I sat on my dear terrace.

I have always found solutions to my problems as i grew up, my terrace has always been a trusted confidant. The vast sky above has always given me the power to dream beyond. The openess has always given me the ability to realise the power of freedom. My terrace has played a great role in making me who i am today.

But as I move ahead, I realise the skyscrapers are taking my terrace away from me. They are separating my beloved friend from me, taking my confidant far from me.

So I wonder where and how I am going to find a friend like it, a trustworthy friend who never asked anything in return, who always celebrated in my joys, and held me tightly in my sorrows, who helped me take decisions and decide what is right and what is wrong for me.

As I step towards entering the next stage of my life,standing on my own, making a life on my own, I worry will I find this wonderful friend with me wherever I go ; though I doubt but still I pray for it.

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vikram said...

nicely written dood....