Thursday, June 1, 2017

Be Happy and Life will blossom!

Be Happy and Life will blossom around you. Be sad or angry and you will feel everything collapsing, resentment, disappointment and depression around you. It is easy to say though, I know! But when you experience it for yourself, you begin to believe in it.

When you are happy you easily let go the control and ignore trivial things, which helps you stay focused on the important things in life. When you are happy, everyone around you is happy. When you are sad and brooding over small things, general mood around you is low. Be that person whose presence can make the environment lively and not that person looking at whom just reminds of sadness and anger.

It is easy to be that person and not sulk all the time! Is this turning into a philosophical blog? Well, I might be in a philosophical mood today Haha! Having felt the brightness in me, overcoming the darkness I felt yesterday, able to let go off uncontrollable things and just letting life be does play an important role in helping you be yourself.

I am not like this always, if you are thinking so while reading this. I am like you, I sulk, I get angry and when I do I throw tantrums and not just tantrums sometimes things too, I get sad, I get depressed, I feel every emotion possible in my bone! May be if I do have to calculate how many times in a month I feel this happy and content, like I do right now, may be not more than 3-5 days at most. Well someone who lives with me can testify this.

But I have realised my happiness is in my control and not in control of the people around me. If I want to be happy, hell they cannot stop me! Nor can they from making them happy because when I am happy people around me are happy.
So what is that secret mantra I use when I feel sad and to get back to my being happy state? It is simple really!

When you are going through a sad or a difficult day, when things are not as you want them to be, just stop doing that regular chore you are bored of, find a hobby that relieves your stress. That could be binge shopping, or just watching a movie on your own (believe me it is fun, and I am not talking about logging into prime video or hotstar, but even that will do if you do not want to step out in the horrible heat!) or just chatting with friends, reading a book, pampering yourself by getting a spa. Well I listed what works for me, but every person is different so chose what relaxes you. Believe me, everyone has such a hobby or I would rather call it an activity that makes you happy. Leave everything else, the world is not going to stop, just focus on what makes you happy!

You might feel grunted at the start that you are wasting time in doing all this when you should be focusing on the task at hand. But in your current mood, you will be wasting time in doing the task at hand and infact might end up doing that one poorly! So give yourself time, give yourself that much needed pampering and appreciation to uplift the mood.

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you!”

This statement stands true whether you want to motivate yourself or just push yourself towards happiness.

So why don’t you give it a try? Make yourself happy today!

Whenever you feel lost or sad or angry, just stay in the moment and don’t rush through the decisions. Just let it be. Things will brighten up once you do!

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