Wednesday, December 5, 2007


“SHE” was born. Her mother was exuberant. Her presence now imbued no one but her mother with love and affection. She passed through the pain and finally got the best gift she could afford, from GOD. “SHE” was a small creature, crying to attract attention but she could see only her mother ponder over her with love and hugs, care and affection. “SHE” was surprised, is this her family? Doesn’t she have anyone else in the family to take care of her but only her mother? “SHE” grew with faith for her mother, learning to walk, to speak, to play but only with her mother. Though she had a father, a grandmother, a grandfather, a pool of cousins, an excess of aunts and uncles, there in the family; a so-called FAMILY. “SHE” grew with the indifference for her family. She grew into a beauty, every other girl envious of her beauty and charismatic personality. Although alone but she was happy because she was the only support of her mother, the only devotion of her mother. So she was fighting to reach her goal to free her mother from the family tantrums. She excelled in life, in relations, she gave what she had, and she sacrificed what she could. But she never ran around like her cousins who had the best clothes and went to best schools too, but she never had any hatred for them, only love which she was never reciprocated with. She was never allowed to mingle with boys, not even her cousins, although alone but she observed everyone around with concern and acted proactively whenever she could to show she is worth some love and affection.
And one day GOD listened to her prayers and his father called them to the town where he was working, she was elated as she could feel the fresh air she would be able to breathe in. For the first time she saw the world outside the four walls of her grand parents’ house. The terrains, beautiful nature, people from all walks of all life, as strange and sometimes as familiar as her family. She was happy and excited to decorate her new home and couldn’t feel the tiredness of the long journey but helped her mother to settle down the things as early as possible. Her world was new, full of love for her; now she was the centre of attraction for her small family, she got the best of the schooling and love from her father which she always yearned for.
She started going out with boys and girls, she started learning to know other people around her. She was accepted and admired everywhere, bringing glory and fame to her parents too.
She could feel the eyes envying her and some admiring her too. She grew up into a beautiful lady, mesmerizing everyone around her.
Her mother was happy because she was living her dreams through her daughter; she was her best friend, the guide, her mentor and her mentor too.
She wanted to spread smiles to everyone, she could never see anyone crying, went all out to help the needy. She made strong bonds and true friends, all of them a mixture of civilizations, from different walks of life, all of them different personalities; wanting her attention, her care. She was happy and satisfied with what she had now, the blessings GOD had showered on her.
There she lay naked, sobbing, and all alone, wanting the GOD to take away her LIFE. She was lost what she had; she lost her glory, her beauty, her intellectual mind, love and affection for her wonderful world. They took away not only her beauty but also her wonderful thoughts which she nurtured since her childhood, the dream to have a world full of love, the world having no hatred for anyone. She lost the battle called LIFE, leaving her lonely, she was gone, leaving behind her wonderful world, so wonderful that she could not imagine having a rebirth, she never wanted to live again and she was gone. “SHE” slept in peace.
She was cheated of her dignity; she was cheated of the perusal of her intuitions. She was no more a worldly thing; she was no more a worldly creature which GOD had gifted to her mother, nineteen years back.
Now she was nothing but loath of flesh, lying unsecured and no love in her eyes. She was being cursed. She was being abused. She was what she never wanted to be. She was reciprocated with feelings which she never gave to anyone. She was humiliated of her love and affection.
Why she had to die, because she wanted to fly high, to touch the skies, to spread love and humanism. She died and her wonderful thoughts died with her. She faced so because she cared for everyone, she went through this horrible facet of life because she would never believe anyone is bad. She never thought she would be forced to leave the world in such an undignified manner; she was no more a LIFE.
It’s just not she but the SOCIETY we are living in is losing its dignity, its individuality, its integrity, its love and affection.
Isn’t it true that we together make this society, so doesn’t that mean that we are losing our integrity, our respect for each other, our love and affection which GOD had filled us with?
Can WE give our society the respect which “SHE” expects from us?
This is the question which haunts not only me but the whole society and is to be answered without any delay.

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nishant said...

i respect your emotions, and think as you.
(dikhave ki duniya)
society of money, brain, power and beauty, who has all 4 in them people respect otherwise no respect.
mangne se yaha pyaar bhi nehi milta,
if we look Financially strong everyone respect
money and brain are most important aspect for this society,
we can see Moral values also but in few individuals only.