Saturday, March 21, 2009

“I feel I am the richest person in the world”

It seems like it was yesterday only when I literally left my job on a 10 day notice with dreams in my eyes to be part of college life again. It seems like yesterday only when I was back to attending classes after a year of attending meetings and grilling discussion sessions.

The two golden years of my life seem to have got over so early, so soon and yet so memorable, leaving in my heart so many memories to take ahead. Though the life here is over and the signal to move on to the next stage of life has come, but it seems to me that I want to linger on these memorable moments for some more time. I am yearning to have few more months or few more days to spend with the wonderful people I met and made close friends with in these two short years of my life.

It was so tough to initially adjust to long sessions of listening to professors and gain knowledge after working for a year and now it feels so weird to get back into that fierce corporate world. I remember in few of my initial classes I used to have a feeling that this is like another training session at my office and in few hours it would be over and I would be back at my workstation juggling with the work around. In the initial days, it felt so good to know new people around here, but there was always a feeling that the friends whom I have left behind are still waiting for me to come round the corner in the cafeteria of my office.

Finally I realized that this is the place where I am going to shape my career, where I am going to be a part for next two years, and I accepted that these people around me are going to be my family for next two years.

It is a sad feeling to leave behind things and start fresh; in fact it requires a lot of energy and a lot of dedication. So the moment I realized that this is the way the game is going to be played , I tried my best to make the place around me beautiful, to build relationships around me which I could treasure for life.

It was not only about living a life here in new environment, in a new city but also it was about proving your mettle in the battlefield. It was about being able to face the pressure and still being the best of what you are, it was being able to be patient and still all the more aggressive.

Over these two years, there have been many memorable moments, many lives I have touched and found people whom I can treasure for life. Though the world still works on the theory of Darwin that only the fittest is the one who survives in the end, and hence cut throat competition but still I found some good people around me who care more to be successful in life than being successful in career. They understand the preciousness of having a wonderful friend by your side.

The two years of fun in hostel, having late night teas with friends, doing assignments and then leaving everything to just sit and gossip. Life has been such a fun in these two years which is inexpressible in words. It sounds funny cooking late night maggi and a bunch of 6 people eating from the same bowl of maggi. And now the situation is it feels so weird to cook maggi and be able to finish the whole of it alone.

It has been amazing experience getting ready for the parties, looking around for stuff, studying late nights and still getting up early with dizzy eyes to be able to pass in the exam and then cribbing about the college, the system and the management. We can spend long hours discussing what is wrong and what should be done, cribbing about the college.

I can simply go on writing of so many instances which made my life so memorable here that now I don’t want to go from here. It has been so great to be in college again.

And now the time has come to move on with our lives, we all came with dreams in our eyes to be successful managers, to leave this institute with dream job in hand. But perhaps the destiny has something else in store for us, perhaps God wants us to be stronger than we are and is preparing us to be ready for the worst.

But despite all these problems we faced in these two years, and whatever we crib about the college, these would still be the most wonderful years of my life and there is no doubt about it.

Though I am moving ahead but I am taking with me the wonderful memories, the great time I spent gossiping on the last bench of the classroom, the wonderful time I had in canteen of my college. I am taking with me so many wonderful friends, whom I can treasure for my life.

I have faith in God and I am sure he has a wonderful plan for us in store. I am sure he will make us shine and he will show us the way to fulfill our dreams.

I thank you God for giving me a chance to be here and to be what I am today and to own so many treasured friendships today. I feel myself to be so wealthy today.

So I feel I am the richest person in the world today.

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