Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life and Death

It is so strange. This life is so strange. The game between death and life is so strange and so unbeatable. The relationship between life and death is like the game of hide and seek. A person’s life sometimes becomes so much dependent on the other person’s that when death comes in and shatters everything it is difficult to handle the situation. It is difficult to bear the loss, to really understand and face the reality. The life of the person left behind seems so worthless and endless.

I really don’t know whether to believe in karma and then the tenure of life one lives based on those karmas. Also i wonder about the stories that there is a Yamraj and he comes and takes away the lives, as it is shown in the movies.

These are weird stories if one thinks about them in depth and hard to believe too. But I do believe in a strong relationship in life and death. Death is a reality which shatters the dream called life. In life we plan so much, we expect so much, we yearn so much. But death is so unplanned. It comes without a notice, and takes away all we had gathered , takes away the beautiful dreams we were living in n leaves back only memories.

And this pain is felt when you face it yourself, when you lose someone close to u; only then u can feel the pain. And understand the irony called life or the truth called death.

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